5 Gifts Any Stoner Would Love

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1. Toker Poker

Possibly a dream come true for the average stoner? This device is the all-in-one smoking tool for any occasion! Not only does it hold your lighter, it has a folding stainless steel poker to help clear clogged bowls, it also has a stainless steel tamper to pack your bowl down when needed, and you can even wrap hemp wick around it securely so you don’t have to inhale chemicals while you smoke!

You can find these on Amazon or at their own store at tokerpoker.com


2. Hemp Wraps

Kick the tobacco habit by switching to hemp! Most “blunt” wraps are usually filled with chemicals, nicotine, and as stated before, tobacco. Today you have so many better, healthier choices; so be the first to show your friends and get them some hemp wraps! One of the best companies to produce these wraps is High Hemp or Juicy Jays, specifically High Hemp because they also add CBD to their wrap which really adds the perfect touch when smoking flower.

You can find these wraps at either Amazon or at HighHemp.co / JuicyJays.com.


(Courtesy of High Hemp)


3. Stash Cans

Probably one of the coolest presents you can buy your stoner friend is a stash can, for obvious reasons. Today they have hundreds online and you can find almost anything from an Arizona Ice-Tea can all the way down to a plunger. If you have that one friend who is taking a road trip, staying in a dorm, or even staying with their parents, you can never wrong with this stoner gift.

Here is an Amazon link to several different stash can options.


(Courtesy of Amazon)


4. Smoke Buddy 

This would be the best gift for a friend in an apartment complex, a dorm or even the friend who wants to smoke everywhere. This device literally helps kill the pungent marijuana smell in one of the easiest ways possible. It simply works by blowing your cannabis smoke into the mouthpiece and out comes fresh AF air on the other side. So secrets are always safe with the smoke buddy.

You can find this product on Amazon and at SmokeBuddy.com

(Courtesy of Smoke Buddy)


5. Subscription Box

Depending on where you live, this can be the ultimate game changer for your average stoner! For those living in the United States in an illegal state, you can still find monthly subscription boxes, full of cool stoner accessories without any THC products inside. Overall, super cool for anyone interested in cannabis.

Check out this blog for a list of different subscription services!

(Courtesy of SensiBox)