Cannabis Tours Throughout Oregon

Cannabis Tours Throughout Oregon

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Whether you’re a local or simply visiting Oregon for the weekend, cannabis tours and activities can always be entertaining. While many of these tours vary in activity during the experience, every single one involves cannabis, and how cool is that?! 

Below is a list of different tours, activities and events all throughout Oregon so no matter where you are, you can most likely find an event worth experiencing!


Portland: - With various different options when it comes to tours or activities, you can find a cannabis event any night of the week in Portland. Specifically from High 5 Tours, they offer a different event almost every night of the week! 


High 5 Tours offers cannabis tours and activities that highlight the great city of Portland and its special relationship with cannabis. They provide their guests with adventures that highlight the cannabis industry and the amazing city of Portland. Grab your friends and hop on the #yellowpotbus as they take you on the weed tour of a lifetime!
High 5 Tours runs weed tours all year round. Our most popular cannabis tour is our Friday Multnomah Falls Tour.

(Courtesy of High 5 Tours)


Other Activities and Tours: Maybe you’re interested in something more than just a tour? 

Tuesday’s: Ceramic Pipe Class is offered at Carter & Rose every Tuesday at 6 p.m. Here you can join the open ceramic class to make your own ceramic pipe and have it fired and shipped to you within a week! (Perfect for visitors)

Tuesday - Friday: Everyday at 12:30p.m. you can join Green Choice Farms and take a private tour of their farming operations. While transportation is not provided, this would make a perfect cannabis experience for anyone interested in the process of cannabis cultivation. 

The Green Mile: Offered anytime that dispensaries are open, this self-guided tour takes you to six different dispensaries all within a 1.5 mile stretch. You decide how long it takes, and where it takes you, all you need is your swag bag and a map and you’re on your way!

Price Range: $9 - $125

Days of the Week: Events any night of the week.

(Courtesy of High 5 Tours)


The Potlandia Experience 

The Potlandia Experience Marijuana Tour is the latest offering from Great Oregon Tours, one of the top-rated tour companies in Portland Oregon. Their guides are the some of the best in the business, and you’re sure to be “edutained” on this pot tour, and you’ll feel like you’re now a part of Portland’s growing marijuana culture. The Potlandia Experience is definitely a rock and roll trip around Portland, designed to give you the ultimate sightseeing tour in a very cool tour bus! 

Price Range: $75/per person

Days of the Week: Friday-Sunday

(Courtesy of the Potlandia Experience)



Blazing Trails - Experience marijuana legalization and tour Bend with knowledgeable guides. Our highly acclaimed Bend Cannabis Tour is available daily.

Whether interested in medical marijuana, growing cannabis, navigating a dispensary, or looking for unique things to do in Bend, our pot tour will stimulate your mind and answer all your burning questions. 

Price Range: $59.00/per person

Days of the Week: Most days available for tour, min of 2 people.


cannabis consumer safety info,

Oregon history and laws,

cannabis science and

a swag bag valued at over $50 in gifts and coupons! 


DIY Classes: 

Learn the process for making medicated tincture, topical and capsules. Get helpful and useful information on dosing and how to properly utilize the products based on your body's needs. Limited space available and only offered once a month!

Price Range: $59.00/per person 

Days of the Week: Second Wednesday of every Month

(Courtesy of Blazing Trails)


Southern Oregon: 

Tour begins with their meet and greet in the plaza of beautiful downtown Ashland. Hop in the van and roll to Green Valley Wellness Cannabis Dispensary. These guys partner with some of the best growers in Southern Oregon. They’re also a 6 time “Leafly Award Winner”; ranked as one of Oregon’s top cannabis dispensaries. The amazing staff’s going to give us a quick download about some specific strains, and what we’re really looking for in a marijuana experience. You will also receive a 20-dollar credit towards your purchase. The 2nd stop is Jacksonville... for some world-class wine, alongside the Applegate River at Red Lily Vineyards. They’re most popular for their Spanish style Tempranillio. And let me tell you, it’s like drinking pure bliss. The 3rd stop is the Terpene Cup Awards at Pacifica Gardens in Williams. The Terpene Cup judges flower entirely upon taste and smell... as opposed to potency. It’s all about... you guessed it... the terpenes. Next, we’ll visit our friends at Jefferson Spirits for CBD Craft Cocktails and dinner. They’ve crafted a special experience... just for us. Jefferson Spirits, a stable in Southern Oregon, excels in crafting specialty cocktails (that will stimulate the mind and relax the body). We’ll also indulge in fresh sushi from Sakana, one of Ashland newer and most popular restaurants. Lastly, we offer an end to our tour, each tour being different. Overall, if you’re in Southern Oregon, this is one of the best and only cannabis tours you’ll find. These tours are seldom, so you’ll have to make sure you plan accordingly. 

Price Range: $$

Days of the Week: Varies month-to-month

(Courtesy of High Siskiyou Tours)

Now that you found a tour near you, GO EXPLORE! Find your closest friends, family or even strangers and have a one-in-a-lifetime experience throughout Oregon and the cannabis industry!