Best Bud Bags


Posted | by Kat Flora

Happy Friday, to cap off another work week we wanted to announce to you that  our newest and most convenient product will be available online and in-store Friday, March 18th! We couldn't be happier to soon offer you all a Concentrate Bundle, consisting of 9ml Square Glass Concentrate Jars, Black Concentrate Box, and Custom Labels. 

Our 9ml Glass is available with either a black or white child resistant lid. The glass base is squared, while the bowl on the inside is rounded, making it easy for customers to scope every last bit of product. This bundle includes custom labels that will fit perfectly on both the top and side of this jar. 

Our concentrate boxes are perfectly sized to house our 9ml concentrate jars! While the jar sits comfortably within, this box will sit comfortably in the hands of customers with a soft-touch finish. This box also boasts a circular cut-out on the bottom, letting customers see your product easily. This Concentrate Bundle also includes custom labels for the top and side on this box.

All these things combined make for shelf-ready, custom branded packaging in the most convenient bundle we've ever offered! So mark your calendars, and get ready to bundle and save on the highest quality glass, boxes, and custom labels. 


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