Have Customers Concentrating on Your Custom Concentrate Boxes

Have Customers Concentrating on Your Custom Concentrate Boxes

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Marijuana comes in so many wonderful shapes and forms. From flower to gummies, to tincture, and everything in between; Weed is a gift in every way! No form emulates the joy of opening a gift more than boxed concentrates, though. Add even more magic to the experience of unwrapping that golden goo by wrapping it in only the highest quality custom concentrate boxes.

Custom printed concentrate boxes are a great way to beautifully display your brand and show-off your product on dispensary shelves. From design to box construction, you can let your imagination run wild with possibilities. You could add strategically placed cut-outs to let customers see the goods before they buy, see an example below:

You could also add a pop-up to display even more iconic imagery related to your brand. As for design, our awesome design team is ready to work with you to bring your grand visions to life.

If you aren't ready to commit to custom printed boxes, or only need a small quantity, have no fear! With our in-house printer we can make custom labels for you in a flash. Get custom branded labels for the top, bottom, sides, or all of the above. We also sell stock 9ML Square Glass Concentrate Jar and Black Concentrate Box both separately, and in an ultra-exclusive Concentrate Packaging Bundle! So you can make us your one stop shop for all of your concentrate packaging needs. Contact us today to start your custom box or label order today.