Monday Spotlight: Gold and Clear 1/8oz Bags

Monday Spotlight: Gold and Clear 1/8oz Bags

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Go for the gold and package your premium product in only the most fitting packaging, a Gold and Clear Mylar Bag! Customers can know with one glance that your goods are top-shelf with these beautiful bags. Perfect for anyone who likes to show-off, these bags are as functional as they are fashionable.

With a top heat-seal compatible area and convenient tear-notches, these bags qualify as single-use child resistant. The top-quality zip-lock seal makes these bags resealable, and seals in the freshness of your product. 

These Gold and Clear bags are perfect for showing off your goods. With the crystal clear side, customers can see the treasure inside clearly and immediately. While the gold side shines and glimmers, catching the eyes of anyone passing by. The opaque side also makes for a perfect area for additional custom labeling. With our in-house label printer, you can have shelf-ready custom branded packaging in no time! Contact us to start your order today.

With competitive pricing, and amazing price breaks for larger orders, order your bags today!