New Products Alert! Coming Jan 21st 2022

New Products Alert! Coming Jan 21st 2022

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What's better than something brand new for the New Year? Nothing! Start getting excited, we've got not one, but three new products unveiling this month! 

Starting things off, we'll be adding a new size to our classic smell-proof mylar family. Soon to be tucked in between our 1oz and 1/2lb bags, the new 1/4lb size bag will be perfect for all the Goldilocks out there. Equipped with all the goods; tear-notches, top heat-sealing area, and expanding gusset, this bag is ready to walk the walk. Available in Black/Clear, look forward to this bag hitting our shelves.

Next up we have a new Child Resistant bag, but this time in a smaller package. We couldn't be more excited for our new Matte White CR 1/8oz bag, now you'll be able to keep your smaller quantities safe from small hands with these re-usable 1/8oz bags. The opaque matte white finish helps this bag stand-out on dispensary shelves. 

Last, but not least, we're adding a new concentrate box for 9ml glass jars. Matte black with an ultra soft touch finish, these boxes are slick! With a 20ml diameter circular cut-out on the bottom, you can show-off your products effortlessly. Our stock 9ml glass jars, available with a black or white lid, fit perfectly within these new boxes, so you can make us your one stop shop for all your concentrate needs!

With all these wonderful products coming, there's no better time to start a custom label order! Make your line of products look cohesive and sleek on shelves with custom branded labels for your new bags and boxes.