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Posted | by Kat Flora

In today's political climate, there are many important conversations to be had. The topic of inclusivity is of no exception.

For instance, in a young and booming industry such as legal Cannabis, providing space and equal opportunity for minority groups is of the upmost importance, especially when people of color are being disproportionately criminalized for marijuana possession, use, and distribution.

In recently legalized states like New York, laws are already in place to provide equity in license distribution. In the article 'Lawmaker Proposes Setting Aside Cannabis Licenses For Transgender And Non-Binary Business Owners' written by Arun Venugopal, WNYC, the proposal to add Transgender and Non-binary identities to these equity laws is being discussed. 

Give the above mentioned article a read and start some of these conversations within your own community. Discussion today can lead to a more promising future for the legal marijuana industry. 



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