Pride Sale is on!

Pride Sale is on!

Happy first Friday of June, and the first Friday of Pride month! Our Pride sale has started, we hope you've all been reeling in the deals. Still not sure what products are included in this sale? Just follow the rainbow!

Any and every stock product that is colorful is included in this sale; for example our Holographic bags, available in Gram, 1/8oz, and 1/2oz sizes.


Some other products included are our Oregon Universal Symbol Labels and Oregon Hemp Symbol Labels!

Also on our list of sale items will be our 1 Gram Mylar Bags - Teal, and our 1 Gram Mylar Bags - Pink


Last, but certainly not least, our colorful spectrum of Drams are on sale this week. Available in 13, 19, 30, and 60 drams sizes! Every color of the rainbow is available, being the perfect product show your pride.