Shine Bright with Silver and Clear 1/8oz Sized Bags!

Shine Bright with Silver and Clear 1/8oz Sized Bags!

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Add some ole razzle-dazzle to your packaging with our Silver and Clear 1/8oz sized bags! Customers are sure to be drawn to any product that shines and shimmer on dispensary shelves, and these stock bags are perfect for the job.

These bags are glamorous with an opaque silver front, but here at Best Bud Bags we believe it's what's on the inside that counts. Luckily, the clear back allows for the real beauty to show, your product.

Not all looks, these beauts are high quality. Completely smell-proof, these bags keep your bud fresh. Their top hot-seal area and tear notches make these bags single-use Child Resistant, keeping little ones safe. They also boast an expanding bottom gusset, giving your goods room. 

Available in small to large quantities, with awesome price breaks for larger purchases, we've got what you need. Whether you want special bags for samples, or you're trying to stock an entire dispensary, we got you! Check out the product page here.

If you want to elevate your packaging even further, consider ordering custom labels from us. With our in-house sticker/label printer, we can get your product in high-quality branded packaging in 1-2 weeks. Contact us to get your order started today!