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Posted | by Kat Flora

If you are a member of the cannabis community you've probably experienced frustration when it comes to social media platforms. Anywhere from posts being removed, to entire accounts being deactivated. These instances are more than just inconvenient, they can be detrimental to a growing Marijuana business. With social media being the best way to connect with ones audience and with new prospective customers, it's more important than ever for cannabis companies to be active and reachable on these platforms. Marijuana is a social community, so why then, does social media shut it down?

The article, 'Social Media Is A Minefield For The Cannabis Industry. Are Solutions On The Horizon?' by Lindsey Bartlett goes more into detail about the woes of social media use as a Marijuana consumer or company. Exploring not only the why, but also how some people use this censorship to wipe out competition. Bartlett also shares how some in the cannabis community are taking action to fight back. If you're interested, give the article a read!



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