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Posted | by Kat Flora

In the year 2021, we truly are living in the future. Even without flying cars or teleportation, completely online currencies have become as much of a household name as Billie Eilish. With it being easier than ever for people to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies, these digital wallets could be the answer to one of the Marijuana's industries biggest issues: Banks.

From Bitcoin to Dogecoin, Ethereum and every coin in-between, the variety of cryptocurrency available likens that of the variety of cannabis available. It's truly pickers choice in the world of online money, which might be exactly what dispensaries and distributors need. Since marijuana is still federally illegal, many folks have felt the effects of their bank accounts being closed. With cryptocurrency, this perpetual struggle could be completely eliminated. In the world of crypto, NFTs have a place, why not weed? The article "Why the Marijuana Industry Needs Crypto" written by Khurshid Khoja explores this topic more, give it a read and decide for yourself, is it time for Crypto and Marijuana to form a union?    


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