Best Bud Bags


Posted | by Kat Flora

You know what they say, 'It's what's on the inside that counts' and we couldn't agree more. When packaging your product, don't be afraid to show-off that green treasure; consider completely clear bags for containing your cannabis! 

These bags are available in gram and 1/8th size. Both sizes boast a top heat-seal area, making them single serve child resistant. The 1/8oz size also has an expandable gusset, making the bag free standing when filled. Both sizes include a reusable zip-lock and tear-notches. Completely clear, clients will be able to see your product from all angles on dispensary shelves. 

As for labeling, these clear bags can make for next level packaging when paired with strategically placed labels. You could easily work your product into the design of the label, creating a unique and stand-out bag, ready to be ogled by clients. Contact us today to start your own custom label order! 



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