Alaska Approves On-Site Cannabis Use

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Starting in April, Alaska will be the first state to approve on-site cannabis use at licensed dispensaries. This new legislation was signed on Tuesday, March 12th by Alaska Lt. Gov. Kevin Myers. With already 11 states offering legal recreational cannabis, not one of these states has officially legalized a designated area to enjoy cannabis publicly (besides private areas). 

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On April 11th, licensed marijuana dispensaries can apply for a permit known as the “special on-site use endorsement.” What will this do? This permit will allow dispensaries to create a designated consuming area, which has to be separated from the retail area by either a wall, a “secure door” or even an outdoor patio. By doing this, this will then create an area to purchase, and an area to consume. (Photo Credit:

While the cannabis industry is excited to be moving forward in legalization, Erik Altieri, the executive director of NORML, is excited to improve the social justice perspective of this as well.

“By preventing retail outlets and other venues from being licensed and regulated for social consumption, many patients will have to chose between effective cannabis treatment for their ailments or being thrown out of public housing,” Altieri stated in a press release. “This causes the civil liberties that come with marijuana legalization to still being kept at arms length from low-income individuals and members of other marginalized communities.”

In conclusion, Alaska is setting the cannabis trend here in the United States. Alaska will be the first U.S. state to legalize consumption of cannabis in a setting other than a “private area.” This step in the forward direction will open more doors in the cannabis industry and Alaska too!

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