How to Buy Top-Shelf Cannabis

Whether it’s your first time buying cannabis from a dispensary or your 100th, it can always be trivial. If you do not know what you’re specifically looking for in your “flower” “bud” “nugs” or whatever you refer to it as, you can end up with some not-so-good cannabis…

BUT when you do know what you’re looking for you can end up with specific aromas, pungent flavors, and enjoyable highs tailored to your own desires.

While even the experts are baffled at cannabis selections sometimes, there are three major key points to look for when choosing the flower of your choice. These three aspects are the smell, the look, and if you can touch, the feel!

So next time you catch yourself in a cannabis tie-breaker, keep these tips in mind and walk away from the dispensary with the best cannabis possible.

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Good Weed:

Okay, so the good stuff. Below is specific tips and tricks to find the best smoking tree your local dispensary has to offer! Keep these in mind for the next time you’re shopping around.

Smell -

Do you love or hate the smell of skunk? The more pungent the smell, the more fresh the pack. Well harvested, cured and cultivated cannabis usually smells “loud” or “dank.” These pleasant aromas can be anything from a fresh pine smell, to a very citrus fragrance. Whatever the smell, you want a pleasant aroma, not moldy or musty. (Photo Credit: Unsplashed)

Look -

When it comes to top-shelf flower, it will be colorful, healthy, and have a few specifics you’ll want to make sure to look for! First bright colors, the more vibrant, the better. Bright greens, purples, and orange hairs are always great indicators. These colors can even reach deep blues, but always try to stay away from the browner more dull colored buds.

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Feel -

Cloud-like is the best way to put it healthy, happy weed. Good cannabis will feel fluffy, sticky and spongy. There will also be almost no seeds, and should have very little stems. On the flip side, you don’t want your flower to be over soft, due to the increased chance of mildew or mold.

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Bad Weed:

Now for the not so fresh herb. Below are the tips that you want to keep in mind to try and avoid the lower-shelf cannabis or better known as “mids.”


Opening a fresh can of mids will be very easy to identify after smelling good cannabis. It usually has a musty or moldy smell to it, or simply doesn’t smell nice. Overall, you want to look for the freshest smell possible.


As for the looks, bad weed simply looks undesirable. There are many reasons why cannabis can be low-quality, for example, age, storage, harvesting, etc. Overall, it usually loses its vibrant green, purples,  oranges, etc. and becomes dull browns and greens as mentioned above.


When handling lower quality cannabis, feel will be your biggest indicator. Lower grade weed tends to be very dry, and will crumble almost instantly at touch. There can be other issues like many seeds, or very stem heavy. Whatever the reason, you always want to find the stickier bud more happy buds.

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To conclude, buying cannabis can be hard. Well at least buying good-quality cannabis can be hard. Next time you catch yourself looking for better buds, keep these tips in mind and always stay satisfied!