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Posted | by Kat Flora

Spring has sprung, and it seems that there might be more to the newly emerging greenery than just grass and leaves. Last Friday the House passed a bill to federally legalize Marijuana. Such an event raises many questions, like should we be expecting cannabis to join the the list of 'May Flowers' brought upon by April showers?

With a 220 to 204 vote, the bill New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler sponsors passed. The bill tackles many issues caused by the criminalization of Marijuana. This includes stopping federal workers from being penalized for cannabis use. The bill will also work to undo the unjust imprisonment of many citizens locked up for non-violent marijuana charges. 

This vote is an optimistic move forward. The article, 'House passes bill to federally decriminalize marijuana' written by Kristin Wilson goes into more detail about the vote. Though there is still a long road ahead, we can remain hopeful that changes are on the way.  


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