Label Your Life!

Label Your Life!

While perusing the shelves of dispensaries across the country, customers are on the hunt for the perfect bud to keep them company. It's still not common practice to toke up in the dispensary, so customers will choose their purchase based off what they can see. Have no fear, you can make prospective customers fall in-love at first sight with the perfect packaging, without breaking the bank! 

With our in-house printer, custom labels are the perfect solution for a plethora of packaging dilemmas. Whether you need a cost effective solution, custom packaging with the quickest turnaround, or if you need a lower quantity than custom minimum order amounts. Check out some labels we've printed in the past:

Here is a clear wrap-around label for a tincture bottle. The clear material and white ink stands out on the brown bottle, providing a very clean and organic look.

This is an example of a top lid label for a glass jar. The opaque black label includes saddle straps that wrap down the sides. The label fits perfectly on the lid with rounded corners.

These dram labels are a great example of the colorful pizzazz you can add to any packaging. Make it pop like these now custom branded drams have.

The sky is the limit for packaging with custom labels. Get labels for anything from bags, boxes, glass, drams, doob tubes, etc,. You can get clear labels, or completely opaque. Whether you need a thinner material, or something thick. Don't know what you need? Let us help you, Contact Us with any questions you have, we're excited to help you make the perfect labels!