Best Bud Bags


Posted | by Kat Flora

Happy Earth Day 2022, today is perfect day to cherish our shared home. What would we do without this big green and blue orb? Die probably, so let's take time to thank the planet for all it provides for us. From vast oceans, rolling hills, dense forests, to dry deserts, there really is so much to take in and experience. 

Without the rich soil under our feet, we wouldn't be able to grow the plethora of fruits, veggies, and grains we do. The cannabis community has special thanks to give, since our businesses and lives revolve around one beautiful plant. So celebrate earth day by smoking one of Mother Earth's glorious gifts, that righteous greenery. 

If you're a farm and are looking for a more environmentally friendly packaging solution, look no further! We have many earth-friendly packaging options to explore. Our boxes are made from 70% post consumer materials, with biodegradable ink. We also have compostable bag options, these bags are best used for dry products, such as flower, syringes, or dry ingredient mixes. Show the world some love and Contact Us to explore your options today!


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