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Posted | by Kat Flora

It is April 20th friends, a very special day in the hearts of the cannabis community. While you're packing bowls and rolling blunts, you may stop to wonder, why do we celebrate today of all days? Though there's no special day needed to get high and enjoy everything the righteous green plant has to offer, 4/20 has become an iconic date in the calendar. Even though the combination of numbers is well known, it may blow your mind to know the suspected origin!

In the article, 'It’s April 20. Here’s why everyone associates 420 with marijuana.' written by Avi Bajpai, a surprising lore is revealed. Somehow a group of friends in high school wanting a secret code to spark up, has led to just 3 numbers becoming everything from the easiest punchline, the perfect way to end an online username, to a beloved holiday! 

No matter how it came to be, we couldn't be happier to celebrate today with all of our friends in the cannabis industry. We hope you all enjoy today, and enjoy our special 4/20 sale, today only! Take 20% all stock products today, and thank that group of high school friends for it. 


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