Best Bud Bags


Posted | by Kat Flora

Around this time in April, you can just about smell it wafting through the air, the sweet smell of smoke and good times. 4/20 is almost here, and like every other stoner, we hold this holiday near and dear in our hearts. To share the love this year, we're giving everyone in the cannabis community 20% off all stock items available in our online store on 4/20!

Enjoy 20% off bags, boxes, doob tubes, drams, glass, and pre-printed labels. Whether you're a dispensary or a farm stocking up for a the biggest day in the marijuana market, enjoy the 20% off in addition to the already applied bulk discounts when you purchase larger quantities.

That's not all though! In addition to 20% off every order, you'll also receive a free goodie bag! These bags are full of awesome goodies, but we won't spoil all of the surprise here! Come on by, or purchase online, and unlike the one day sale, we'll be offering these free goodie bags all week. 



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