New! Matte White Child Resistant 1/8oz Bags

New! Matte White Child Resistant 1/8oz Bags

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This week we'd like to highlight one of our newest products, our Matte White CR 1/8oz bag! Launched this month, we've already received tons of interest for these specialty mylar bags.

These bags hosts a ton of useful features; they have a grip and pull style CR zipper, a top heal-seal compatible area, tear notches, and an expanding bottom gusset. Built to keep your products safe from small hands, these bags are also smell-proof. This helps keep your medicine fresher, and easier to store. You can add an additional level of security by heat-sealing these bad boys, but you can rest assured customers will have easy access to their goods with top tear notches. As if these bags couldn't get any better, the expanding bottom gusset allows for larger edibles, and prevents the crushing of flower.

Available in small quantities, you can use these bags for small batches, samples, or specialty runs. If you need larger quantities for your dispensary or farm, enjoy amazing price breaks for bulk orders.

Bags as badass as these deserve nothing but the best labeling, and with an opaque matte white finish, custom labels feel right at home on the CR 1/8oz bag. Get your own custom label order started today, and have the sickest custom branded bags in just 1-2 weeks. Contact us for more information!