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Posted | by Kat Flora

The Marijuana industry has had a new obsession recently. The cannabinoid Delta-8 THC, or D-8 for short has already made a huge name for itself. We ourselves have already produced some awesome looking packaging for some farms producing D-8. 

But what is it? How much do we know about this new cannabis craze? Well, firstly, D-8 is supposed to have a much mellower high compared to it's relative, Delta-9. This makes it good for relaxing and pain relief. This also leads D-8 to be much more tolerable for low-tolerance consumers. Though the legality of D-8 is a gray area, that hasn't stopped it from taking the market by storm.

Check out this article, 'What is delta-8 THC and is it a safe cannabis alternative?' written by Rich Haridy to learn more about Delta-8 THC. 


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