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Posted | by Kat Flora

The democratic senate candidate Gary Chambers Jr released an ad campaign showing him smoking marijuana this week. The ad not only mentioned his candidacy, but also stats about the disproportional amount of arrests of African Americans for marijuana related crimes. Chambers tweeted this quote along with the ad, "I hope this ad works to not only destigmatize the use of marijuana, but also forces a new conversation that creates the pathway to legalize this beneficial drug, and forgive those who were arrested due to outdated ideology,"  

The CNN article 'US Senate candidate from Louisiana smokes marijuana in new campaign ad' by Chandelis Duster go more in depth on the ad and includes a video summary. Read the full article here!

After reading, consider looking in to the nonprofit organization The Last Prisoner Project. This organization fights to free peoples imprisoned for non-violent cannabis related crimes. As stated on their website, "WE WILL NOT REST AND WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THE LAST CANNABIS PRISONER IS SET FREE." We here at Best Bud Bags have donated regularly to the cause. 


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