Best Bud Bags


Posted | by Kat Flora

As Valentine's day approaches, we often think of perfect matches, pairs throughout history that invoke feelings of unity and harmony. No pairing comes to our mind other than the match made in heaven, 6ml glass and silicone lids!

When packing your small quantity concentrates, trust no other set then our stock 6ml glass container and blank silicone lid. Leak resistant, stick-proof, and stylish, our silicone lids are top quality. Matched with the clear, rounded 6ml glass container, there's no way your customers won't feel the love.

Even perfect pairings could use some spicing up though, and we know just the way how. Add custom printed labels from our state-of-the-art printer! Make your packaging pop with your company's name or branding. Try round lid labels, wrap-around glass labels, or both. Any way you dress it, these jars are gonna be love at first sight for your customers.


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